Monday, 24th September 2018
House prices fall 1.9% in March
The Halifax have reported a 1.9% drop in houses prices compared to February bringing the average UK house price down to 157,226.
This news come just days after the Nationwide Building Society reported a slight increase in houses prices of 0.9%

Despite the difference of opinion between the two mortgage lenders both agree that the lack of consumer confidence was still putting downward pressure on the housing market and would most likely remain throughout 2009.

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Housing Market is still on a downslide
According to the country's surveyors property sales in December, January and February are at a 31 year low. Further more house builders believe house construction may reach a 88 year low.
Bank of England lowers UK interest rate to 0.5%
As expected the Bank of England has slashed UK interests rates in half from 1% to 0.5% in another bid to kick start the economy. This is the sixth time since October last year that the rate has been cut as a result of the banking crisis that started in September.
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